Springtime for Palin

Luigi Zingales, a finance professor in the business school at the University of Chicago, has some advice for Republican primary voters who are looking for a winning candidate. Based on survey results gathered for constructing some sort of “trust index,” Zingales concludes that

by articulating a platform that defends free markets but remains autonomous from big business, the Republican Party can gather support from both the Tea Party and independents

He then goes on to say

 the GOP clearly needs a candidate more like [Paul] Ryan than like Mitt Romney, currently the party’s leading candidate and a favorite of the establishment. A candidate in Ryan’s mold ,,, would be a strong believer in free markets who is not beholden to the bailout-addicted big-business establishment. This kind of candidate, if the GOP could only find him, could win in 2012 and help get the nation’s economy back on track. (emphasis added)

Ah yes, quite the conundrum for the Republicans, isn’t it? The good professor’s perplexity calls to mind a rousing song from Mel Brooks’s wonderful movie/Broadway musical adaptation of movie/movie adaptation of Broadway musical adaptation of movie originally known as The Producers. With apologies–largely insincere–to Mel, here is my musical response to Luigi Zingales, to the tune of Springtime for Hitler. The astute reader can figure out the title, I am sure.

USA was having trouble, what a sad, sad story.
Needed a new leader to restore its former glory.
Where, oh where was he?
Where could that man be?
We looked around and then we found
the gal for you and me.
And now it’s…

Springtime for Palin’s America!
Freedom’s the word of the day.
Sarah is on the bus again;
healthcare belongs to us again!

Springtime for Palin and small business;
bailouts for Wall Street no more!
Tea Parties spread from coast to coast.
Social-is-m will soon be toast!

Springtime for Palin and taxpayers,
winter for Obamacare.
Spending will be reined in at last.
Output will rise three times as fast.

Springtime for Palin and all of us,
‘cept for the S-E-I-U.
Springtime for Palin and everyone
means that soon we’ll be voting
we’ve got to get going
to send her on to Wash-ing-ton!

Always glad to help out.

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