Television for Blind People

I recently learned of the existence of some halfwit named David Carr, who apparently writes for the New York Times. Carr is suddenly famous for referring to “Kansas, Nebraska…The middle places…” as a land of “low-sloping foreheads” during his appearance on Bill Maher’s unwatchable TV show.

Now, it’s true that this guy Carr has a high forehead, but I don’t quite understand why extreme hair loss is considered desirable among New York sophisticates. Anyway, one thing I’m pretty sure of is that if I looked like this,

I’d think long and hard before I made fun of the way anybody else looked. Maybe he was emboldened by the fact that, despite being an ugly pencil-necked geek, Carr still isn’t as frightening to children as Bill Maher is.


UPDATE:  Here’s the scientific consensus on the comparative mental functioning of urbanites and flyover-country rubes:

The [brain’s] regulatory mechanism of the native urbanite, in other words, seems to be out of kilter….Moreover, it is also known that the pACC-amygdala link is often out of kilter in schizophrenia, and that schizophrenia is more common among city dwellers than country folk.

This explains why tinfoil hats are the virtual headwear of choice in Carr’s and Maher’s milieu.

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