Just Making Sure I’ve Got This Right…

Michele Bachmann is under attack because it’s been claimed that a clinic she owns with her husband has employed questionable techniques to treat people who are displeased with their current sexual orientation.

Two of the clinic’s former patients — Andrew Ramirez and John Becker – are accusing Bachmann Counseling & Associates of engaging in a controversial methodology known as “reparative therapy.” This form of counseling encourages gay patients to turn to prayer and the Bible to try and rid themselves of same-sex attraction.

OK, so praying away teh ghey is bad. Got it. So, what’s good? Specifically, what’s a perfectly sensible way to treat someone who is dissatisfied with his current sex life? Why, pumping him full of female hormones, giving him breast implants, and of course, carving his dick into a pussy. Yeah, that’s all good. In fact, in Portland, Oregon, taxpayers are now required to pick up the tab for this operation.


I presume that it’s not OK for the surgeon to suggest that the patient say a little pre-op prayer.

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