Tennessee’s EmbarrassMint

Anyone whose web-surfing habits have led him or her to this remote outpost has surely heard of the idiot in the Tennessee legislature whose hamfisted pressure has let the UT bookstore to stop selling subversive candy:

Now, the bookstore has decided to pull all politically-minded [sic] mints and cancel any outstanding orders.

And what complaint does the UT bookstore manager register about all of this? Said the store’s “director,” David Kent:

“The unfortunate part of all that is we’re very much in the (middle) of processing books and getting them on the shelves and ready to go.”

Indeed, I can certainly imagine how difficult this has made Mr. Kent’s life. Not only does he have to make sure that all the textbook orders have been filled correctly, but he’s probably also got to review his entire inventory to make sure there’s nothing potentially offensive to Joe Armstrong in the store. Books like this one, for example, have got to fall under the penumbra emanating from Armstrong’s criterion for exclusion from the UT bookstore:  “politically specific products that [have] no educational value.”

May I suggest that to Mr. Kent that he send a copy of Liberal Fascism to Mr. Strongarm, free of charge?

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