Thanks in Advance, Mr. President

Watching President Obama’s job-approval numbers tank has put me in a musical frame of mind. Looking ahead to that time in the not-so-distant future when Obama joins Jimmy Carter at the top of the Historically Egregious Errors List made me think of that well-known ode to remembrance of ill-starred relationships, Thanks for the Memory. Introduced by Bob Hope in The Big Broadcast of 1938, it served as his theme song for the rest of his long career. You can watch and listen to the original version here. Then with any luck at all you can join me in singing these lyrics to that lilting tune on the evening of November 6, 2012:

Thanks for the memory
of unemployment rates
that soared way past the 8’s;
investment in the doldrums despite
zero interest rates.

How awful it’s been!

Thanks for the memory
of deficits galore
with prospects of far more.
You’re still a man
without a plan
except for yelling “fore!”

How awful it’s been!

First there was the A-R-R-A,
followed by P-P-A-C-A;
you promised us nice brand new highways
plus affordable care,
financed from thin air.

So thanks for the memory:
That cash-for-clunkers plan
belonged in a trash can.
Your kinetic short-term Libyan fight
has ‘em laughing in Iran.

How awful it’s been!

Running guns south of the border
paid off in death and disorder,
making El Paso like Mordor;
Eric Holder’s D.O.J.
screws up in ev’ry way.

So thanks for the memory—
of the I.O.C.’s rebuff,
Netanyahu gettin’ tough,
and best of all
we all recall
when Boehner called your bluff.
The 2012 election
can’t get here soon enough!

How awful
it’s been.


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