When Protest Was Fashionable

I know what you’re thinking–how can you possibly think that protest is out of fashion, with all the attention being paid to the clownshow that is Occupy Whatever. But that’s not what I mean.

Check out the photo of Marlon Brando here (h/t Althouse). That man is stylin’. Just by walking down the street he’s sending a message: Heed me, people, for I have ascended to a state of utter coolitude. He’s livin’ it by completely ignoring the ass to his right. (Don’t waste your time trying to read the sign.)

Sadly, the protesters of today look more like the expansive, late-period Brando.

True coolness isn’t really attainable for most of us, but it’s not even remotely in play for slobs.

Only one way to end this post, of course:  Miles Davis.

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