Inside “Trooper York”

After a virtual lifetime of getting in people’s faces, noted blogger and tv star manqué Trooper York has shuttered his site from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. But your intrepid correspondent has hacked his way into that mysterious world to satisfy the curiosity of my literally-dozens of readers.

Here they are, the crew of Trooper’s Starship:


L to R: Trooper York, MamaM, chickenlittle, ndspinelli (not pictured: pbAndjFellowRepublican)


Best of luck, everyone!


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17 responses to “Inside “Trooper York”

  1. BJM

    The first rule of Trooper York’s private blog is “Don’t talk about Trooper York’s private blog”.

    (Could’nt resist…how often does one have to use a great line?)

  2. True. And an excellent rule going forward.

    But pbAndjFellowRepublican spilled the beans in an Althouse thread last night, so my resistance to posting this was lowered.

  3. trooper york

    Everybody is a comedian.

  4. OK, so it’s slightly derivative of a certain blogger’s style. Consider it an hommage.

    I think that’s what Brian DePalma used to say, isn’t it?

  5. somewhy

    So, is there a way of cracking an invite into TY’s world? Having been a silent follower (I prefer that to lurker) for maybe three years now I’m beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms. Besides I’d really, really like to follow progress on the Great Big New Adventure.

    But if not possible, please at least pass on sincere best wishes from a far away fan.

  6. Jim from Florida

    I found this site by googling — to try to find out why Trooper York has shut off access to his blog. I am in the same boat somewhy is in. I had been a “lurker” for years at Althouse, before getting fed up with the drama that drove TY away along with a few others. Primarily for the back and forth among the commenters. Early on, and from Althouse, I discovered other blogs like TY’s, and became a huge (but silent) fan. If there is any way to “crack an invite” into TY world, in order to not only follow the Great Big New Adventure, but also to continue to get my treasured periodic doses of “Who’s that Girl,” I would be very grateful. If not — like somewhy, please pass along my sincere best wishes and thanks for the years of providing one of the wittiest blogs on the internet.

  7. I was unaware that you had a blog. I will blog roll you.

  8. Peter Hoh

    Like Jim, I got here when I couldn’t drop by Trooper’s blog to wish his Giants well. Oh, well.

  9. Trooper York

    Anyone who wants access should email at and we will talk about it.

  10. WALT

    i was turned down by ty don’t know what the big deal about some minor blogger site

  11. WALT

    what is the big secret over there..

  12. MamaM

    The picture made MamaM laugh and feel a little sad because she sorta kinda looked like that once upon a time. The picture of ChipS is still forming, but in the meantime, more postings are in order. The audience grows restless.

  13. I’m gonna try. Things have been super-busy at work, which is good in a way but bad for blogging. But a direct request from MamaM cannot be ignored.

  14. titus

    mama show us your tits

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