Let Freedom Ring

Last year at this time my freedom-related concern was over the abuse of the Fourth Amendment by assorted police and quasi-police agencies, particularly the TSA. This year my concern is over the elevation of sophistry over law and reason, and cowardice over conviction, that is the decision issued by John Roberts and his majority of one.

Since it’s a holiday, and I’ve got to get my July 4 feast started soon, I’m taking the shortcut of reposting a comment I made earlier today at Althouse in a “Who’s Your Fave Founding Father?” thread. I think it lays out my basic complaint with the Chief Justice as clearly and succinctly as I can:

1. The Constitution, considered in full historical context (including arguments in The Federalist), represents an attempt to limit central authority while recognizing its necessity.

2. A nation under limited government is a naturally “capitalist” nation, simply b/c freedom offers people the fullest indulgence of their natural propensity to truck, barter, and exchange.

3. People who believe that greater central government activity is essential to the “general welfare” find that their capacity to achieve their goals is hindered by a straightforward interpretation of the Constitution. They deal with this in two ways: the amendment process (particularly the 16th) and creative interpretations of the Constitutional text (sometimes contorting reasoning to the point of sophistry).

There’s no doubt that Obamacare takes the relationship between the citizen and the federal government to a new and intrusive level. There is also no doubt that Obamacare is not sustainable, probably by design. It will inevitably lead to a single-payer plan, which in turn will inevitably reduce the quality of health care in the US.

Repeal of this abominable law must be our highest priority in this election. Conservatives are angry about both the law and the imperious manner in which it was passed and upheld. And they are getting angrier by the day.

Those who say that RomneyCare and ObamaCare are equivalent are misinformed or mendacious. And yes, I include Jonathan Gruber–the architect of both–in my indictment. RomneyCare alone will not bankrupt private insurers. RomneyCare alone will not drive federal spending further into the stratosphere. RomneyCare alone does not have the ability to debase the quality of health care for the rest of America. The simple reason for this is that RomneyCare is a state program, not a federal one. People who dislike it can move elsewhere within the US. There will be nowhere to go to escape the colossal failure that ObamaCare will be.

This fall’s election will determine whether we remain a constitutional republic of (even partially) limited government, or we will join Europe as a massive welfare state on the road to inferior health care and ultimate fiscal disaster. It will be our greatest peacetime test of our devotion to living freely.

As a final bit of inspiration, I give you most stirring version of our most stirring patriotic song, the Stars and Stripes Forever.


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2 responses to “Let Freedom Ring

  1. Nick Spinelli

    Damn..I’m ready to grab my gun and ride toward the sounds of cannon fire! And, I’m an old fucker.

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