Our Humorless Overlords

So it looks like the only pundit with any fucking clue at all is Mark Steyn, because apparently everybody else in the entire commentariat–not to mention Romney staffers–found Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech “weird.” Steyn understood that it was smart and effective, but even he doesn’t seem to completely grasp what Clint did.

So I guess I will have to inform the entire fucking world what happened: Eastwood performed a celebrity roast on Obama.

Ever heard of those? If you haven’t, they’re all over YouTube. And in every single one you’ll notice that the person being roasted sits in the exact spot where “Obama” was sitting on stage next to Clint at the convention.

Most of those old roasts are reasonably funny, but the apparent master of the genre was Jonathan Winters. Obviously Clint shares my opinion, ’cause that’s whose technique he was using to barbecue Barack.

I thought the “roast” motif was blindingly obvious. And apparently lots of my fellow ordinary people agree that Clint was hilarious. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find out just how very clueless the Beltway insider crowd is, but still…dayum, they’re stupid.

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One response to “Our Humorless Overlords

  1. Your title says it all. And Steyn called it spot on. Every now and then, I take a step back and recall the the political talking heads are clueless for the most part. What connects with the electorate is what matters, and Clint delivered.

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