Bienvenidos a Peronismo

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The Romney campaign is reporting that 75 Republican poll watchers have been barred from precinct polling places in Philadelphia, in some cases by Democrats saying, “No Republicans will be allowed in the polling place.” The GOP has gone to court and obtained an order from the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas requiring the Republicans to be admitted to the polls and seated per their legal authority.

is sickening, not only for the sheer criminality of it, but even more for the response it invites–indeed, demands:

Unconfirmed reports of former Navy SEALs heading to Ohio, Pa. to guard against voter intimidation

When I said Obama was like Peron, I was serious. This man has no regard for the importance of legitimacy in the functioning of democracy. He will do anything to win, no matter how deeply he drives a wedge between liberals and conservatives in the process.

He is not an orator. He is a demagogue.


FROM THE ARCHIVES (no, not blog archives):

I have a long-time friend who was a huge Obama supporter in 2008. She kept bombarding me with links to videos of his speeches and long disquisitions on “white privilege”. I let it all go unremarked, out of friendship, but by late September I’d had enough, and sent a long email that started out with this:

For most of this past year I had no particular enthusiasm for the Republican nominee and no particular antipathy toward the Democrat.  I was planning to sit this one out.  But the events of the campaign that have transpired since the Republican convention have changed all that….
Barack Obama … has made it very clear that he cannot abide criticism, and that he views those who challenge him as obstacles which must be destroyed by any means.
Four years later, I regret deeply that I stand uncorrected by events.


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2 responses to “Bienvenidos a Peronismo

  1. After months of reading countless volumes on the upcoming election and studying (worthless) poll after (worthless) poll, I came to the conclusion that Romney would win…and big. My wife, after months of not thinking at all about the upcoming election, came to the conclusion that Obama would win, after openly cheating in two or three states. Go figure.

  2. You married well, windbag.

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