This Election, Reduced to Its Essential Point

I’m tired of a president who doesn’t know how to do anything but campaign for election.

I’m tired of a campaign full of idiotic videos from the moronotaraiatcreepy pictures of staffers, utterly vapid content passed off as an agenda, and sheer thuggery reminiscent of the rise of Juan Peron–with the same degree of economic ignorance.

But, basically, it all boils down to this: I don’t want any more presidents with their own fucking logos.

Vote for a competent adult.

Vote for Mitt Romney.



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4 responses to “This Election, Reduced to Its Essential Point

  1. Adult? Yes. But he’s not honest, so…no.

  2. You’re not a Clinton fan, I gather.

    Who’s the honest candidate you have in mind?

  3. Nick Spinelli

    ChipS, Throw back some good whiskey, have a nice meal, and then say, “Fuck it” my friend..FUCK IT!

  4. Good advice, Nick. I think I’ll do that tonight.

    I guess you can’t hope for an adult to win an election where a majority of voters have the mentality of juveniles.

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