Obama Voter of the Day

Meet Lindsey Stone, a vulgar lardass from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

As an understandably unmarried female under 35 who lives in one of the bluest of blue states, she’s almost certainly one of the idiots who finds meaning in her sad little life by falling in line for Barack Obama.

Among the many concepts she’s clearly unclear on is “speaking truth to power.” Also “gratitude.”

In case you’re wondering how someone gets to be this completely fucked up, I think it may have something to do with having a moron for a father.

Stone’s father, Peter, told NewsCenter 5 Tuesday that she is upset and remorseful and that the photo does not reflect her values.”Lindsey called and told me how full of regret she was that this all went down, it was just a spur of the moment total lapse of judgment. She’s very sorry that she offended anybody,” said Peter Stone.

The only appropriate comment from him would be, “I’m ashamed to have unleashed a stupid bitch like Lindsey on America. I deeply apologize to the widows and orphans of those soldiers who gave their lives so that dipshits like me could marry fools like my wife and breed ungrateful cretins like Lindsey. I am reading up on seppuku and plan to take appropriate action.”

As for me, I will only add that this is one case in which I would be delighted to pay for a strange woman’s birth control.

UPDATE: The HuffPo crowd thinks the outrage at Ms. Stone’s brand of humor has gone too far. Why, people are calling her nasty names!

Here’s what I say to them: Remember how you reacted to that Chik-fil-A guy when he said he supported “traditional marriage”? You went ballistic, and organized boycotts of Chik-fil-A franchises owned by people who had never uttered a word about marriage. I wonder what the response would’ve been if that guy had posted a photo of himself flipping off this.

Remember when Rush Limbaugh made a “bad joke” about Sandra Fluke’s sexual mores? More calls for boycotts of his sponsors. You see, that’s exactly like demanding that Lindsey Stone be fired. The left, having politicized as much of everyday life as it can, now cries “foul” when the rest of the world behaves in exactly the same way.

Too bad.

Your beloved leader ran a campaign based on nothing but demonizing the opposition and whipping up fear and resentment. Now you’re getting the tiniest inkling of the type of society your politics are bringing on.

As far as whether Stone should be fired, that’s of course entirely up to her employer. But she works at a place that helps adults with disabilities live independently. I don’t know how many of them are veterans, but I can’t imagine any vets (or spouses of vets, or children of vets, or friends of vets) are going to be too happy about getting visits from her.


UPDATE: Lindsey and her pal who took the infamous pic now have lots of free time to experience the thrill of looking for work in the Obama economy. I hear that Applebee’s may have some 28-hour-a-week positions available. Think of the ironic possibilities!


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8 responses to “Obama Voter of the Day

  1. Meet Chip, a cowardly internet tough guy who shows his true compassionate conservative side with this post.

  2. Elizabeth

    How about apologizing to the public, not the father that is ashamed of you at the moment?

  3. ndspinelli

    ChipS, A ball bust from the “Mistake on The Lake.” I would wear that like a badge of honor. They have the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame surrounded by shitty food, shitty teams, and represented for decades by a midget vegan who has spoken w/ aliens.

  4. chickelit

    Stone = Stein in German. Maybe this Kraut is her daddy.

  5. chickelit

    WTF? The date stamp on my comment says it’s tomorrow already.

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