Obama Voter of the Day: Susan Rice

Here’s a photo, available at the White House’s photostream on flickr, that summarizes the Benghazi controversy well:


It was taken at the Ronald H. Brown U.S. Mission to the United Nations on March 29, 2011. Don’t see anything remarkable about this picture?

Let’s take a closer look:


Undivided Loyalty?


Notice the wall art.

That’s right. At an official outpost of the government of the United States of America, what’s on display is a worshipful piece of poster art about the man who happens to serve as president.

What people want to know of Susan Rice with regard to Benghazi is whether she made factually incorrect statements to the American people because she believed what she was saying was true, or because she (or whoever fed the disinformation to her) believed it was necessary to protect the political fortunes of Barack Obama.

Does Susan Rice’s taste in wall art tell us where her loyalties lie?


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6 responses to “Obama Voter of the Day: Susan Rice

  1. chickelit

    It looks to be on the wall next to a framed degree of some sort, behind a desk. I’ll bet that person credits Obama with opportunity as much as the degree.

  2. ndspinelli

    ChipS, Great eye! As I’ve said, you’re a guy I would hire. Besides the poster, the look in her eye is of subservient loyalty.

  3. Sixty Grit

    I am sure Bill saw that same look on Monica’s face.

  4. ndspinelli

    Sixty, LOL! But Rice doesn’t hit from that side of the plate. She’s got her eye on Hillary’s aide, Schuster’s wife.

  5. ndspinelli

    Merry Christmas, Chip.

  6. Thank you, Nick. And, belatedly, the same to you and yours.

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