The Best Online Writer Is James Lileks. Yes!

New York magazine, best (only?) known as the coop where Tom Wolfe was hatched, has published yet another homeopathic version of The Innocents Abroad in the form of an “exposé” of the fact that those National Review cruises tend to be populated by people who are wealthy enough to afford cruises. The problem for the writer of this nullity is that a month before his article was published, one of the objects of its failed derision–James Lileks–scooped it.

Pity the editors of New York! The nouveau Wolfe doesn’t write for them, and–horrors–doesn’t even live in New York!

The Capital of Mockery has moved to Minneapolis–or St. Paul or some burg on Kitsche Gumee– sneaking out of town on the Info Hi-Way. Who are these proles who live in actual houses with actual families (and DOGS!) and dare to mock the Cultural Hegemon? And why are they conservatives?

Non-contiguous information streams!!


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2 responses to “The Best Online Writer Is James Lileks. Yes!

  1. I have a grudge against Lileks: I once wrote him, offering him a unique set of bookmatches (he’s a collector) from Minneapolis. If was from the early 60s and featured a dive shop there. He never bothered to write back so I figured he was stuck-up.

  2. chick, that’s disappointing.

    I’m reminded of the famous line from John Updike’s story about Ted Williams’ last game, when he wouldn’t tip his cap after hitting a home run in his final at-bat: “Gods do not answer letters.” I’ve never really liked that line, but it’s famous.

    I think Ted should’ve tipped his cap, so I wish Jimmy had replied to you with thanks.

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