Maybe Tim Geithner really, really thinks that House Republicans will call Barack’s bluff in this year’s episode of “Dancing on the Debt Ceiling.” Or maybe he’s simply decided that he just doesn’t have the time to serve as Treasury Secretary and master the intracacies of TurboTax.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to say “toodle-oo” to Tim and welcome Obama’s nominee to replace him, Jack “Doodles” Lew.

It seems only fitting that this



is the signature that may one day adorn the trillion-dollar bills we’ll all be using after the federal debt’s been inflated away.

Doodle-oo, prosperity!


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2 responses to “Doodle-oo!

  1. chickelit

    This blogpost merits an Instalaunch.

    Make it happen!

  2. ndspinelli

    People who scribble their name are generally assholes. A lot of attorneys I’ve worked for over the years scribble.

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