Manti Te’Obama

Serious journalists everywhere are talking about the complete failure of their sportswriter colleagues to verify any aspect of Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o’s heart-rending story of the loss of his lovely girlfriend to leukemia. Only a couple of wannabe reporters at Deadspin bothered to fact-check his claims, and found that the “girlfriend” was an imaginary amalgam of tweets from one of Te’o’s best buds and pics of a woman known to that bud.

As weird as Te’o’s tale is, what’s even weirder is the bafflement of the “news” media over it. Here is  the question that puzzles them: How can it be that professional journalists failed to fact-check the inspirational stories told to them by a charismatic guy from Hawai’i? Why didn’t they try to find the relevant official certification? How could they not have discovered that his “girlfriend” was a composite figure rather than an actual person?

Yeah. Where in the world could sports reporters have possibly gotten the idea that it was unfair, and probably racist, to question the narrative of a person of ethnicity? I hope one of those smart J-school professors can figure this one out.


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3 responses to “Manti Te’Obama

  1. Haha. Nice connection, Chip.

  2. ndspinelli

    I’m sure the press will admit their shortcomings on this story. I think he’s a homo. NTTAWWT.

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