I Hear America tweeting

Everybody’s going to be talking about the Zimmerman verdict in terms of the Great Racial Divide, so I’d like to point out that some of the best post-verdict #trayvon tweets have come from African-Americans. Here are a few:

For the case presented … the jury got it right. Saw that coming a mile away.

Doesn’t have to be two sides. #Trayvon was wrong, #Zimmerman was wrong (and an immature adult).

Premeditated murder? No. Not close.


And some of the tweets that are the most grotesquely out of line with the facts seem to have come from whites:

Zimmerman admitted to following and murdering #trayvon. Wtf made the jury think that was justified action?

This verdict makes no sense! Zimmerman hunted Trayvon down & killed him like an animal!

(I note without comment that both the tweeters above described themselves as involved in some sort of mental health advocacy.)


Then there are the simply deranged of all colors. Exhibit A is this white idiot:

Zimmerman will have created a whole new profitable industry for the American rightwing: MURDERING UNARMED BLACK TEENAGERS

Equal time for an equally crazy black woman:

Every single mom in FL, lock up ur teenagers! There r six moms (the jury) in FL who think its ok 4 crazies 2 shoot & kill ur kids!


The most ambiguous post came from a white woman who doesn’t seem to know where the trial was held:

I think that the biggest is that the wrong people are in charge. That might stop these terrible things from happening. #Texas #Trayvon

I mean, I might agree with her, or I might think she’s nuts. It all depends on which “terrible things” she’s talking about.


But there just ain’t no other crazy like this kind of crazy:

Just had a convo with my 11year old daughter about the realities of race relations.She didn’t know about #hitler #KKK or #Trayvon

Looks like Royce is determined to help raise a whole new generation with an untethered sense of grievance. Which means that 20 years from now we’ll still be seeing sad, helpless messages like this one:

Killed by the same race due to discrimination’s legacy. Killed by the opposite race due to discrimination’s legacy.


Yes, wasn’t that originally said by Frederick Douglass?  Discrimination’s legacy means never being responsible for your own actions. 


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4 responses to “I Hear America tweeting

  1. I’ve avoided Twitter so far because, 1) I don’t need any more work day distractions, and 2) I’m afraid my already-limited, tenuous faith in humanity would be totally lost.

    Thanks for slogging through both the reasonable and the inane for us non-Tweeters.

  2. Hi Chip

    Can I give some unsolicited advice?

    What made the Althouse blog interesting was the clash between her own inconsistent views and the clash of those views and those of her commentariat. I would guess that you pride yourself on the consistency of your views but I suspect this is not ideal for creating an interesting blog. It would seem to make sense for a few of the Althouse people to make a multi-person blog that captures a range of viewpoints and appeals to a broader audience.

    • Hi, ARM. Welcome.

      I appreciate your comment. The reason I originally set up this blog was to have a place where I could explain at greater length some opinions that would’ve been too involved for the comments section at Althouse. So, yes, it’s more didactic than provocative.

      Now that people are looking for new places to comment, I’ll give your suggestion some thought. Probably it’ll depend on how many people show up wanting to discuss this kind of stuff.

      In the near term, I’d planned to put up a couple of extended thoughts on some basic themes that recurred in many Althouse threads. I’d be glad to get your reax to them when they go up.

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