Hail to the DC NFL Franchise!

The name of Washington’s NFL team is once again an object of criticism in the media. ESPN is appalled. Slate has announced it will no longer refer to the team by its official, racially insensitive name.

The team’s fight song is one of only two in the NFL that anyone’s ever heard of (the other being “Bear Down, Chicago Bears”). DC fans love to sing their team’s rousing song at every opportunity, and are undoubtedly reluctant to surrender that pleasing pastime for the sake of mere political correctness. On the other hand, this is the 21st Century, and the team name does seem a little bit, er, dated.

I’d like to help solve this problem.

I’ve got a proposed team name in mind that not only keeps the fight song in (almost) all its glory, but also represents far better Washington, DC as we know it today. So, in the spirit of progress and fairness for all, I offer–at no charge whatsoever, I might add–team owner Dan Snyder the perfect new name for his football team: The Washington Reds’ Kin.

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