Karen Black, ’60s Chick

A lot has already been written, and said well, about actress Karen Black, who appeared in many of the movies that helped define the brief period of film innovation that was the late ’60s and early ’70s. But not much has been said about her first screen appearance, in the classically-’60s movie You’re a Big Boy Now, which Francis Ford Coppola submitted for his MFA degree from UCLA (and which you can watch here). Her role is similar to many of those she played later–the vulnerable, insecure, semi-attractive and readily available girl taken for granted by the guy at hand. But here, as sweet, mid-century Amy Partlett, she looks more like a (semi-)swingin’ ’60s chick than she ever would again.

So, in recognition of her rightful place in this blog’s pantheon of ’60s chicks, here’s a pic of her from that movie, plus a (NSFW) clip (not of her) set to “Amy’s theme,” featuring a view of Times Square at its pre-Giuliani seediest.


Karen Black:Amy Partlett

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